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Being Hungarian - Christian - European
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Being Hungarian - Christian - European

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ISBN: 963 9683 10 8
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This volume includes the author’s papers presented at international conferences and his studies published publiched in foregn language periodicals and books. Most of the studies are concerned with ecclesiastical history: they deal with central issues of 19th–20th century Hungarian church history, such as putting on index the works of bishop Ottokár Prohászka, the background to the ecclesiastical-historical works of Vilmos Fraknói or the 20th century history of the relations between Hungary and the Holy See. They present the theoretical and organizatorial problems of political Catholicism, Christian socialism and Christian Democracy, from the Christian Socialist canon prelate Sándor Giesswein to the Christian Democrat István Barankovics. Jenő Gergely (1944) took his degree in History at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Budapest in 1967. He has worked there for forty years, from 1992 as a Professor and from 1995 as Head of the Department of 19th–20th Century Hungarian History. His main fields of research include the 19th–20th century ecclesiastical history of Hungary and 20th century Christian movements. In 1997 as a recognition of his achievements as a researcher and lecturer he became Head of the Ph.D. School of Historical Studies at ELTE, and in 1999 he was honoured with the Award of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

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