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The Testimony of Medieval Cononical Collections-Texts, Manusscipts, Institutions
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The Testimony of Medieval Cononical Collections-Texts, Manusscipts, Institutions

Megjelenés éve: 2014
Oldalszám: 224
Kötés: fűzve
ISBN: 9789632774800
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The Gregorian Reform Period had made a unique influence on the confusing ideas concerning the competence of the secular authority and of the ecclesiastical power – had arisen in the Carolingian Age – in order to separate clearly the independence of the intrinsic sacred power of the Church. The canonical collections are real authentic witnesses of this change and setting process. Through the canon law manuscripts we can follow this development, particularly by the inserted marginal or interlinear supplements, but even by those enlargements which take place at the front or at the end of the volume, moreover, several times at the end of the books of the concrete collection. These texts have made lasting effect on the canonical disciplinary system not only the 11th century, but – through the Decretum Gratiani, many canonical auxiliary handbooks, the university instruction, and the constant ecclesiast institutional structure – until the Modern Age. In the same time we can see the intellectual reviver of Europe which is approved well the rich collections of the libraries – even copies of works of secular authors – but also clearly testified by the gradually growing patristic material of the canonical collections which gave strong biblical or ecclesiological interpretative basis for the studies at cathedral schools or at universities. It leads us to the “Renaissance” of the twelfth century, on social, cultural and intellectual levels, including the rise of theology and canon law science, especially based on the scholastic education. This present volume intends to give more details on the characteristic of “sacred law”, describing canonical texts, canon law manuscripts, and ecclesiastical institutions.

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